Uwharrie Nerds


Geo showing his knife skillz on Thanksgiving meal!

Uwharrie Nerds

Who are we?
This clan is for dorks and their wormans. Only those with the strongest of backs are permitted to flexxx on these fine wormans. Bad language is permitted and encouraged, as well as conversations containing adult content. Ssshhh, just let it happen, baby.

Eggplant pecker - So you're probably wondering what's tha deal with tha eggplant... well, that's what we'll be shovin' up your ass during war.

We've been banned
Total bullshit, we got banned from war!!! 30 days is gonna feel like FOREVER!!!
UPDATE - at least we can still loot, just banned from wars... had us worried at first, but still bullshit.

Uwharrie Nerds


Mr. T